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I have been working as a freelance marketing consultant in Hanover since 2008. My clients are companies (and agencies) in Germany and abroad. 

Focus of my work
is the creation, editing and translation of marketing copy, especially for IT companies.

My work benefits from my many years of experience as an interpreter/translator and marketing specialist.

My expertise rests on these two pillars: Translation and marketing communications.

I have many years of practical experience in both areas, in which I have continually updated and expanded my knowledge.

Today I combine these experiences and skills to create marketing copy that works.

As different as my two careers may seem, interpreting and translating for ever-changing clients, just like marketing work in the dynamic environment of the IT sector, requires a high degree of flexibility, the willingness and ability to learn new subjects quickly and proactively, a pragmatic and goal-oriented approach, reliability and unconditional loyalty to the client.

These strengths, along with my professional qualifications, have been the key success factors in my previous professional lives. Today, they benefit the companies that entrust me with their marketing copy.

  • Your press releases, website copy, blog articles and similar texts are written in English – and you know that a simple translation will not do? Yes, you are indeed better off with localisation for the German-speaking market that takes local habits, practices and culture into account.
  • Need persuasive marketing copy – and someone to help you with it?
  • Feel like your marketing copy could do with a bit more pizzazz? Not to worry. This applies to almost any text. And it can be helped.

In these – and many similar cases – I am the right expert for you. Please contact me so that we can discuss how I can assist you, without any obligation on your part.

I look forward to meeting you!

How you can reach me

By phone:

+49 (0) 511 646 83 77 

By letter:

Susanne Melchior
Ludwig-Sievers-Ring 15
D-30659 Hannover

By email: